Circulated inside the , Gaofen-step three is the 3rd satellite regarding China High-Resolution Earth Observance System (CHEOS) show

Circulated inside the , Gaofen-step three is the 3rd satellite regarding China High-Resolution Earth Observance System (CHEOS) show

Produced by the China Federal Area Administration (CNSA), it is a civilian satellite that have number one pages as being the State Oceanic Management (SOA), new China Meteorological Administration (CMA), the new Ministry out-of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Drinking water Info.

Objective Opportunities

Gaofen-3’s primary mission is always to introduce a primary quantitative effects for wetland category, but features bigger programs during the emergency keeping track of, water conservancy, coastal and you will meteorology. New collective purpose of brand new CHEOS show would be to bring NRT (Near-Real-Time) observations to have disaster avoidance and save, climate change monitoring, geographic mapping, environment and you can financing surveying, as well as farming help.

Wetlands have become a switch aim of ecosystem overseeing into investigations away from money development while the maintenance out-of local environmental environment. The new C-band Artificial Aperture Radar (C-SAR) up to speed Gaofen-step three has actually high effectiveness for the wetland overseeing and you will observance when you look at the high spatial quality around all the-climate. The new means was quad-polarised to incorporate a great deal more sprinkling information in order to meet the request regarding okay wetland monitoring. It observes within the a dozen settings, for each and every that have differing spatial quality and you can swath widths, to generally meet the multi-associate technology requirements.

Overall performance Requirement

The C-ring Artificial Aperture Radar (C-SAR) keeps 12 imaging settings from the C-ring volume which is classified for the half dozen groups. Brand new one P function employs dropping spotlight tech playing with solitary polarisation to get to a moderate spatial solution of just one yards and you may a good swath regarding 10 x ten km. The super-great (UF) stripmap setting plus uses solitary polarisation, and it has good spatial resolution of step three meters having a beneficial swath width out-of 31 kilometer. You can find four settings one get twin-polarisation specifications making use of the stripmap strategy: Okay Stripmap, Greater Fine Stripmap, Fundamental Stripmap as well as 2 Longer occurrence direction (E) settings. Great Stripmap has got the better spatial resolution of those at 5 m, which have an effective swath thickness out of 50 meters. The brand new Large Good Stripmap means enjoys a great spatial solution of ten m having a great swath width regarding a hundred km, although the Important Stripmap have a twenty five yards resolution and you may 130 kilometer swath thickness. New E modes has actually a frequency direction off size away from other modes so you’re able to build watching capabilities and relieve revisit period time. All these provides an excellent spatial quality off twenty five yards which have differing swath widths regarding 80 km and you can 130 kilometer.

Brand new quad-polarisation Stripmap methods include a great Quad-pol stripmap function (Q) with 8 m spatial quality and you will 29 km swath thickness, and you may a broad quad-pol stripmap mode (WQ) with 25 yards spatial quality and you will forty km swath depth. The newest Wave setting plus uses quad-polarisation inside the discontinuous process having exact (10 yards) quality more a good 5 x 5 kilometres urban area. There are two main ScanSAR modes being used to safety a great huge swath thickness having dual polarisation. New Thin ScanSAR mode enjoys good spatial solution out-of 50 m and you can a beneficial swath depth out-of 300 kilometer, even though the Wide ScanSAR enjoys an effective spatial solution from 100 m and an excellent swath thickness regarding five-hundred km.

Room and you will Methods Elements

Gaofen-3, developed by the latest Chinese Academy regarding Space Technology (CAST), is dependant on the new ZY1000B satellite shuttle and you will include several parts: cargo and you will services program. Brand new payload includes the newest SAR device, studies signal program and also the research indication antenna program, as the provider program brings battery pack, installation, fix and decide to try heat. The latest SAR antenna try put into five boards that is powered by themselves to meet up the mandatory antenna aperture dimensions for each of the watching modes. The brand new spacecraft try about three-axis stabilised which have a launch size away from 2279 kilogram. In order to satisfy the new demand out-of imaging criteria, the fresh satellite spends a twin independent shuttle energy setting, good three-junction solar cellphone selection and two batteries. What’s more, it employs control time gyroscopes (CMGs) and you can energy tires to compliment new high-stability and you can high-agility manage assistance. Gaofen-step three has actually an autonomous wellness management system enabling continuous monitoring away from vital situations, evaluation away from tool condition, and you will delivering advanced procedures to make sure satellite security within the orbit.